How to supplement your income

Supplementing your income can increase your take home pay, help pay bills, and put more money into your pocket.

For most people the lockdown has shown that they rely to heavily on one form of income. For majority of people their income comes from one source, their job. Almost every wealthy person will tell you that in order to achieve financial freedom you need to have multiple streams of income.

Multiple streams of income can come from many sources. The most popular being passive income. I have an extensive article on how to create and grow passive income. Click here to read that.

Beyond passive income there are plenty of ways to turn extra time, or free time, into cash. My most favorite and one I do was get a state issued Real estate license. I will explain this in detail further down, it does not require you explicitly work as an agent.

The reason these supplemental incomes work is because there are many unconventional ways to earn money that most overlook.

Easiest way to turn extra time into cash

One of the fastest and easiest ways to turn some of that extra time into cash is by working as a private contractor. This allows you the freedom to “be your own boss”. You are provided work through a company but you are not explicitly an employee.

For example Ride sharing apps can help add a nice chunk of change into your weekly earnings. “But I don’t want to pick up strangers” you might be saying. Well lucky for you there are plenty of ways to earn money with just a car and some extra time.

Doordash being my favorite.

Doordash allows you to earn money by delivering food, which since the lockdown has been in super high demand. It varies by area and I would suggest you follow this advice. The first few days will be tough as you are unsure of how much you should be earning.

Well I have the answer to earn $25 dollars OR MORE an hour through Doordash alone. Doordash doesn’t penalize drivers for declining orders. I recommend looking at three things. Pay compared to milage and time. Each order will tell you the estimated time of delivery.

For example you get a delivery notification that you can earn $5 dollars by picking up chipotle and driving it 4 miles. The estimated time of delivery says 30 minutes and you think it’s a good deal. Well you now limit your hourly income to around $5-12. If you are comfortable earning $12 an hour then thats ok. But I am here to say that most likely that order has no tip.

Decline and wait for something better. I repeatedly see low ball deliveries and decline waiting for something better. By comparing the time to deliver by the fair you can literally create your own hourly rate. Many orders will come through at $8 – 12 dollars with very short delivery times. If you live in a busy area, or even close to one you can see even more with stacked orders.

A friend of mine that I helped get started driving on his free time has found that his average hourly rate over the month of August was $36 an hour! Much better than mine but he lives in a busier area for lunch time, while I find dinner time to be my bread and butter.

The reason I prefer Doordash over all other ride sharing apps is because they do not penalize drivers for declining work. Compared to Uber lets say which will either suspend or even lock your account for repeat declines.

If you or someone you know is interested in supplementing their income with Doordash I have a code that will give them a very hefty bonus for completing a certain amount of orders in their first month. This bonus will allow you to earn around $300 extra dollars for completing a certain amount of deliveries. Remember that this is based on your location and my vary based on demand.

If you are interested in signing up with the bonus click here!

Turning Capital into Supplemental income

Capital, or money, can be used to earn more income. This income can come from many different sources, such as investments, real estate, and owning businesses. If you have a good amount of capital sitting in a savings account you are technically losing money.

A good measure of return is ask the question, ” Can my money earn more elsewhere?” For example purchasing investment, or rental properties can bring you monthly cashflow. The reason I like to call these supplemental instead of passive is because without management you will be on the ground operating and maintaining your properties.

I would suggest linking up with a licensed real estate agent, one who knows about investment properties and can show you newly listed properties before the masses find out about them.

One of the easiest ways to start earning a more passive supplemental income, is through dividend stocks. This method will require a good amount of capital to actually earn something and they payout either monthly or quarterly.

Most shares of dividend stock will pay around 0.05 – 1$ for each share. These amounts can be found online through research. But over time if you build your portfolio and reinvest the dividend you can see results in a few short years.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting started building their portfolio I have a link that will provide them with a free share of stock! Just click here!

Lastly you can take some of your capital and try to purchase an already established business. Please be aware this is the most risky, I would even say more risky than real estate. With real estate you own property that holds value, owning a business is only valuable compared to revenue. You should look for three things.

  1. An absentee owner – If the owner is working at the business they are most likely doing so to save money and make the business profitable. You don’t want to buy a job, you want to purchase something you can sit back and receive checks.
  2. Year over Year Revenue increases – If the money isn’t going up each year why would you want it? You want something that is not only successful right now but shows strong signs of being even more successful in the future.
  3. Look at profit not total revenue – If you see a large number for revenue you need to also look at profit. Businesses are expense heavy, they may show 1 million in revue but a fraction in profit. You want something that earns a lot of profit, either online businesses that are already established with low overhead, or something along those lines.

When it comes to buying a business you cannot be shy, you need to ask the hard questions. I would even suggest having your own accountant audit the business and weigh in with their professional opinion.

Remember that all these methods require you to report and pay taxes on them as the income is not withheld. Failure to do so will bring the IRS to your door.

How to make passive income

Breaking down passive income, with ideas and tips to build ongoing wealth.

“Time is more valuable then money,” Jim Rohn once said, ” you can get more money but you cannot get more time.”

Most people have this idea that they must work to earn money. There are two ways to work for money. As an employee and as a Entrepreneur. I’m not here to argue which one is better, arguably both can do very well if budgeting and investing are done early and consistently.

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This article is about building passive income. Money that earns money without you having to touch it. Or maybe do very little to maintain the investment. This is the idea you need to think about, how can my money earn money?

You need to think about it like that. Your money is held in the value of the “asset”. The asset being the item that brings you income. It could be an idea, or a business for example.

That leads us to the basic question…

What is Passive Income?

Very simply put passive income is income earned without direct interference. You could be sitting on a beach somewhere and the checks would be rolling in. Just to paint a better picture I will give a few examples, going into them in depth later in the article.

  • Royalties (Books, Music)
  • Rental Income
  • Software residuals

There are plenty of other ideas, and I’m sure plenty more to be discovered. If you just thought in this mindset of can this asset earn me money. Some of the more serious avenues for passive income require a large amount of capital. (Real estate, Business Acquisitions)

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Though these avenues are some of the most rewarding the risk involved is much greater. As the other two ideas shine the light on the other path to creating streams of income.

How can I make Passive Income?

There are two ways I know of you can make passive income, if you can think of any others put them in the comments! One, you can buy it. Two, you can make it.

Buying a stream of income is pretty straight forward. You are going to be buying an asset that earns you money. Some examples would be Stocks, Real Estate, and businesses. You need to understand that the amount of money required to buy some of these assets is very much out of reach for most people.

That is no issue though, you can always make your own streams of income. Just remember that working to build a stream of income can become tedious and some consider it just work in itself. But the work has a life to it and can be use time and time again, once complete, to earn you money.

When someone asks me how can they earn passive income I ask them what do they like to do? A simple question that opens up a world of possibilities. For example when a friend of mine asked how he could earn some money while he went on a cross country trip we shot ideas back and forth.

He would talk about selling items along the way, trying to flip up and live on just reselling. But the idea came to me and I asked how much time he had before he left. He said he was leaving in four months, I suggested building an online course, this was years ago before everything was on youtube, and I helped film it. We edited together a 4 hour basic course on guitar repair and an addition extra 2 hour course on more in-depth repair.

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This course was marketed with a small budget on some websites before they were very strict with ads. It was not a crazy seller but it definitely helped him sweat less on his trip.

Still to this day his course is out there for purchase, I tried to contact him and ask but he didn’t get back to me in time, if he does I’ll try to share the financials from it from the past few years.

This goes into one of my skills photography. Stock-photos today are a madhouse. I wouldn’t suggest it unless you love taking a bunch of photos and earning pennies until one finally blows up for a bit. If it even does.

I’ve found that it was much easier to pivot and do something else. We turned our cameras on local businesses before the facebook wave was really taking the country by storm. Back when ads were dirt cheap and no one really knew what was going on.

I was young but the idea worked the few businesses that let a few teenagers make videos for them did see some increase business and we earned a nice wage for 17-19 year olds. Most of the time we just hung out.

More Passive Income Ideas

Another friend from college, loves to make video games. He was making computer games but in the last few years strictly turned mobile. His games are pretty simple he keeps the idea the same, something fun and catchy while also allowing some sort of customizations to allow transactions for more models.

He also displays ads in what he calls the “free version” of his games, while allowing players to pay to opt out of the ad version. He also added that the added cosmetics he puts into the game allow for increased revenue.

For any game designer out there, he said you can buy new designs but make sure you understand how much revenue you earn from micro-transactions before you dump a ton of money into designs.

Games are not the only apps that make money, if you think you can design an app that makes money then go for it. Make sure there isn’t competition or if there is that you have that upper hand somehow.

These days you don’t even need to really code or design yourself, you can find a freelancer willing to do it for a certain rate. You can see past designs and interview multiple candidates allowing you to get the best possible product.

That goes back to buying an asset to earn money. I hope you begin to see how passive income can be earned.

One of my favorites which I have been adding to for years, is dividend stocks. A lot of people shy away from them because you need a large amount of money to see anything that you could consider “income” but think of it like this. The account pays itself along with you paying it. If you do it for years rather than wait till you have the money you’ll reach the payout point faster.

Understand that buying an asset is a risk and there is no guarantee the value will hold or be salvageable.

Learn about diversification in ETFs that pay dividends or find some single stocks you like that pay dividend and get a few in sectors you feel will be strong for the future.

Creative ways to make passive income

The name creative says it all. Can you sing, songwriter? Why not buy a nice microphone and download some recording software and try to put a demo together. You can market it through instagram, tictok, make a story about you. The creative way to passive income will require something called content.

Content is just what your viewers/listeners interact with. whether its a video of you playing a show, or a podcast about a recent release or story, the items draw viewers which draws advertisers which draws money.

It is not an instant thing, there is so much competition out there that you can’t really expect anything, you just need to put yourself out there keep trying and see if something sticks.

A quieter way is to write. Books are a great way to earn some passive income. First you need something to write about. Are you a researcher who has some interesting information? Do you think about stories in your head? Put them on paper see where they go.

There are so many ways to write a book, the issue isn’t writing it, it’s finishing it. Once you actually finish the book you’re not done. You need to market that book. Which can be done through a publisher, if they like your book. (You just lost most of your money) Or through other channels. Amazon allows you to sell books, you can also use crowdfunding if you think you can get a fan base around your book.

Both of those require a large amount of work by the author as you will be the person trying to market the book. You could try to hire someone but then you may be spending more than you can earn.

Once money is involved there is always risk.

Im not going to go into much detail on the ways you can buy assets to earn passive income, it’s very straight forward. You buy something like an already established business with channels of producing goods and selling those goods. There is a general manager who has been there for five years and he reports to you every month to make sure everything is good. You sit back and collect the profits.

You can buy a rental property. (Multi – family property allowing you to collect rents) You should have a formula for your area when looking at properties to figure out if the amount of rent collected can beat the mortgage + taxes + safety. You need that cashflow.

I think there are ways to buy the royalty rights on songs or other intellectual property. I would say do a few google searches but I bet the prices on these things would be crazy high. The pay out my also be seasonal on certain songs. I would need to do more research on these topics.

That just about sums up the idea behind passive income, and how to start going about obtaining some. Start thinking can I turn this money into income buy owning this? OR – Can I turn my time into future income by building this?

Build a business that turns into stream of passive income, or write a book and take your profits and buy a functioning multi family property.

The combinations are endless, if you keep working the sweat equity will pay off.

Money & Scams: What to Look For

Avoid the growing number of scams designed to separate you from your money.

I’ve seen one to many scams popping up on my social media feed. From the rogue account trying to beg for cash app transfers to large scale pyramid schemes. Lets break them down and put a three step method to finding scams to avoid.

Let me paint a picture…

You are scrolling through your instagram stories and see someone sifting through a large amount of money with the line, ” Your bank here” hit me up to make some money today! Clearly they are trying to lure you in with the idea that they can scam the bank out of money and give you some profit as well.

But lets be clear, they are not scamming the banks. They are scamming you. Once you provide your bank card or credentials the scammers go to town taking what ever you do have in your account. Two or three accounts a day and they can create the videos you saw you entice more victims into their scams.

Another scam I’ve seen is the the trading pyramid scam. It’s a simple scam really, so simple it seems legit. Just like other pyramid schemes they brand it, create a sense of community. Anytime you find a mentorship that values new members more then the content of their education, you know something is up.

Let me just tell you this. The best trading academies are for the finding on google. Have thousands of member testimonies and are upstanding businesses. They are not recruiting traders on facebook. The ones recruiting are trying to profit off your subscription.

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I would suggest if you are really interested in day trading check out babypips. This site provides free basic education on forex charts. It can be a great way to sift through the BS. If the videos you see are spouting basic information as if they are “gems” you know to stay away.

I’ll explain really quick how these “mentorships” work. Don’t get my wrong I am not against mentors, I have had many mentors through out my life but never have I paid them a subscription. The scams I am talking about are the people who make mentorship their main game.

If they are more concerned with signing people up than teaching and producing content than you know there is an issue. I am not associated with any academy so I will not be endorsing one, but they are out there. Most real mentors will show you exactly what they offer, courses, speakers. The one on one education is my main seller.

Many of my mentors through out life have also required me to do some leg work for them in Lew of payment for education, which I did. So mentorship in itself has a give to receive relationship, but know when you’re giving too much.

Look for a few things when selecting a trading mentor. Look to see if their posts are more geared toward trying to find more clients compared to talking about their education. If their focus is their course most of the time it’s less flashy with more engagement.

Popular Scams

Another scam I see all the time is someone on Instagram sifting through thousands of dollars cash on their stories. They front with as much cash as they can get and make it seem like they can get you in on their hustle.

You message them and they say they can dupe your bank. They know how, they just need your bank card. Which their associate will pick up. The next day a dude rolls through and gets your bank card and says he needs your social just incase the bank catches on.

Now I shouldn’t have to explain any further. They call the bank with the card and verify that they either want to close the account, withdraw all the funds, or check how much they can withdraw.

Since they have your social the bank will believe they are communicating with the account holder and will give them exactly what they want. Now you sitting their an hour later watch your account go from how ever much was in there to zero. You try to contact the person you chatted with originally just to be blocked.

Two hours later someone else gets lured in with your hard earned cash being sifted through by the same person who scammed you.

I’ve seen it before many times. People want to get rich quick and I don’t blame them. I know some people who run the above mention scams and they always end up in trouble. I would advise against even getting involved. Double check and ask questions don’t be afraid to be vigilante.

If people drop a deal because you asked a few questions you probably dodged a bullet scam or not.

Want some more help?

I love to research scams, it’s one off my hobbies. If you feel like you are getting scammed feel free to reach out with a comment. I am always here to help with any financial questions or concerns.

A Trader’s Mindset

To be a successful trader one must adopt a successful mindset.

This post is not geared toward any specific strategy but more so the state of mind one must have to trade successfully. Without a solid mindset trading can become a very emotionally straining task.

You can’t let doubt and fear from past loses cloud your judgement. If you truly have a trading strategy setup, setting up your mindset will allow you execute it more efficiently.

What is a Trader’s Mindset?

A trader’s mindset can be described as a calm mood, where you open yourself up to suggestion. Impulse buys almost never turn into profitable trades. Yes sometimes you’ll get lucky but it won’t produce results over the long term. Keeping a calm head will allow you to stay true to your plans, and keep your trades in line.

The second part, keeping yourself open to suggestion is simple. A trader is trying to spot trends and trade on these trends and predictions of where they will go for profit. Keep your mind open while you do your analysis. Find the opportunity and see if the market will recreate those conditions for you.

How to make more profit

Making more profit is simple on paper. You need better trades. Buy lower sell higher and vise versa. But in order to keep your trades profitable you need to remove any impulse from the equation.

For example have you ever been analyzing a trade, found a nice level for you to buy in and make some profit. You just need a quick pullback, price action and trend are in your favor and you decide that it will probably hit the 50% on the Fibonacci retracement.

You throw an order in for your price level and wait. The price drops but not as much as you’d hope. It begins consolidating above where you want so you jump in hoping not to miss the trade.

Well after about 30 minutes of consolidating the price drops down into the level you once wanted. You freak out and take a loss just as the price does exactly what you predicted.

Since you were acting on impulse you lost every moment of that trade. Impulse will always bring you loss, luck will not help when you can’t stick to your strategy. Stay true to your strategy if you miss out move on to the next.

Don’t take a losing trade just because you want to be “right”. Right and wrong don’t exist winners and losers do. No one can predict where the market is going you need to make an analyzed guess.

How to make better trades

When a new trader starts to hone their strategy, it can garner a good amount of loss. So much so, their equity curve may be negative for the first few years. While a trader learns, if they have real money on the line, they can open themselves up to huge loses.

Making better trades is simple. Practice on a demo account. Plenty of brokers offer demo accounts to get started, with live market data. Allowing you to trade as if you had your investment. Only thing is on a demo the money isn’t real. It’s strictly practice.

Demos are great. I really suggest you use a demo account to hone your skills before you put your own money on the line.

Once you learn your strategy, the best way to make it profitable is to manage your risk/reward ratio. An article on that will be coming out soon, follow to get the latest trading information.

Joining a community or mentorship to increase your learning capabilities as well as create a competitive fun, friendly environment, can step your game to another level. Want to join the fun? Click to join the Discord chat.

What you must understand beyond any of this is that the “market” is not a negative entity. Nor is it a positive entity. It is just a neutral body of information that offers opportunity to those that can spot it. Can you spot the markets opportunity and can you drop the fear?

If you want further reading on trading in the “zone” click here.

As always, any questions please comment below.

Forex: Trading in Trends

The market can only do two things. Go up, or go down.

Financial markets can be a scary thing to work in for beginners. They see wild changes and risk where they should spot opportunity. This article will help you understand the forex market a bit better.

This is not a full proof strategy, trading equities is inherently risky. But with proper risk management trading can become very lucrative quickly.

The first lesson we are going over today is spotting and trading in trends. Trading in trends means we are trading on the side of the current market trend. The basic rules apply buy low sell high. But this strategy will give you strong levels which you can enter trades to maximize profits.

How Can I spot trends in market charts?

Trends are super easy to spot on charts. Personally I will select a range of 1 hour to 1 day. Look back into the chart and find where exactly the price is moving. Has the price been climbing all day? Has the trend been on the down all day?

These are key information in formulating which way we want to get into our trade. Will we be buying along with the market, or selling. Not knowing which way the market is moving will cause you to loss money.

Above is a market chart for EUR/USD. Here you can see it’s a daily chart, and I’ve circled a few key areas that we will focus on later. Which direction would you say this market is trending in?

If you said down you’d be correct. Now these are not long term trading strategies, you will be moving into and out of positions at target points, more on that later. Lets get back to spotting a trend. The points I’ve circled are called Lower Highs and Lower Lows. When a trend keeps hitting lower highs and lower lows you can expect it to continue until the pattern is broken. (Same low or new high) Now that we spotted a nice down trend how can we trade in the market to make some money?

How Can I Trade in Market Trends?

Trading in trends is super easy, you spot a trend and wait for confirmation then move in the direction the market is already moving. I have the same pair EUR/USD but moved into a 15 minute chart to show the ease of movement and the speed at which you can execute some of these trades. For this example we are using a down trend, but an uptrend you would just reverse the strategy and buy instead of sell.

From the example above the two blue circles are the first indicator we have. It’s called a double top or same high depending on who you’re talking to. A double top will usually mean a drop is on the way. Ten minutes after the high was hit the drop occurred. We see a pull back into a lower high which would be our first indicator that the trend is going to continue downward. So we jump in with a sell, our main target is the last low. As the price is on a downtrend we have a very nice statistical chance that the target will be met again. The green dotted line would be our take profit point.

The cool thing about trading into trends is that you could realistically enter the same position in another pull back ( Green circle ) and continue trading in the trend. Remember once the pattern is broken the trend most likely will stop.

How Can I make more money trading in the Market?

First you’ll need to have your risk management set up right. If you are risking 1:1, for every dollar you make you can lose the same amount, you will find your equity curve is on a downward trend.

I would suggest a risk to reward of 1:2 for every dollar you risk you make two. Just because the trend strategy works a lot does not mean its full proof. Markets are just buyers and sellers and if they feel the price is to low or too high they will act accordingly, even if it’s off trend, or pattern.

You need to make a strategy that can eat some losers and still be profitable. Without proper risk management you will loss more than you win, even if you win more trades than you lose.

What is Forex Trading?

If you follow any day trader on Twitter you should have heard about forex. Videos of traders living lavishly, with little to no explanation on what it is. This article will break down what it is, and ways to make some money on it.

My Instagram is loaded with valuable investor knowledge, market news pages, and scams. One of the later being Forex.

What is Forex? Well Forex is short for the foreign exchange, a market where individuals or large brokers can trade currencies. With all asset trading there is room for profits. A few things to note, you are trading currency against each other, US dollars to Euros for example. As the Euro strengthens the value against the dollar goes up, allowing you to sell those euros for more US dollars than you bought them for.

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Back to the scams… I love to investigate, I began reaching out to “mentors” who claim they will “help you quit your day job”. They show their lavish lifestyle, fancy cars and watches, all things that can be faked. Rarely do they show their actual work.

I got in touch with one…

It became clear that the service offered was to earn from students.

I’m not going to go into depth on the scams here but if your mentor cares more about appearances and signing new students… The climb to the “top club”. Most of the big scams out there have a built in you rise by growing the group, not by profiting. That is where I find a scam. Don’t get me wrong, there is no issue with bringing new people onto this opportunity, I am doing it now. The issue is when they charge crazy prices for information that is FREE.

Learn First

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Here is the best Forex trading advice you will get, if you’re a beginner. Let me say that again, here is the BEST and free advice for beginners. Go to baby pips and take their free course on basics of forex markets. It will help you understand exactly what you’re trading and how the trades make money. A totally free resource which gives you the opportunity to earn wealth.

Now that we have some basic understanding under our belt you should find a good broker and begin to trade on a demo account. Don’t get excited. If you really want to turn consistent profits from Forex you need to not only develop a strategy but stick to it and test it out. Trust me, you do not want your money on the line testing your trading strategy. A few weeks of a level of funds you can actually put into the market and you will not only build a solid trading foundation but also learn exactly how much earning potential the strategy can bring.


Charts are the main way Forex traders find and trade on trends and patterns. I know these can seem daunting at first glance but with a little practice and patience they become second nature.

Almost every trader uses a candle stick chart.

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A chart the shows where the price opened, where it moved to in a specified time and where it closed. These candles can show a trader quickly how price is moving and if the momentum is on their side. These charts also show good amount of information on the longer level trends.

I would suggest finding the chart analysis that works for you and testing it out.

Advanced Technique

If you really are interested in making a living Forex trading I can set you up with an amazing mentor who helped me establish my trading strategy. Feel free to also ask question in the comments. My trading group offers a free Discord chat for a wide range of equities and commodities.

Join the Free Discord Trading Chat Now!

Money Mindset

It is impossible to control anything if you do not have control over your own mind.

It is very easy to let your mind run wild, imagining fantasy scenarios with little chance of coming true. It is just as easy to let your mind control your thoughts with clouds of fear, focusing on those fears will cause them become a reality.

You need to train your mind like the muscle it is, read, do problem solving puzzles, and most of all use it. It takes no energy to watch something on TV but playing a board game with a friend can help build substantial problem solving skills.

The main reason why building your brain is important is because you can leverage it to create wealth. In many investing books controlling your mind and actions is a vital component to the education. First lets look at ways to control your mindset.

How to control your mind

Controlling your thoughts can be impossible but understanding how you think is a good first step. Meditation is a great way to really see into our own thought processes. When you sit for a while with nothing but passing thoughts you begin to see how your brain is wired.

Another great way to improve your self control is to change your habits. A habit is just an action we do so many times it becomes second nature. I like to start right at the beginning, the morning.

When you first wake up what do you do? Do you roll over grab your phone and scroll social media? While being a good way to keep up on things checking your phone is shown to depress mood and change the way we think. Why not instead jump out of bed and do a few stretches. Hell maybe hit the gym, or do a home workout.

Start with that first habit, get your day going. Once you complete a task the day gains some momentum. Have you ever felt behind on a day? It might be because you let the morning pass you by. Grab each day as if it were your last.

Another great way to change your mindset is it focus your thoughts. Did you ever think about something so much and eventually it happened? It’s not fate or a coincidence, the universe seems to give you what you think about. Make those thoughts positive, focus them on a specific goal and how you plan to achieve it.

The less you focus on the negative the less it will manifest into your life. Instead manifest your dreams and goals. Move forward.

One of my most favorite ways is to read. Reading helps train your brain while also teaching you patients. You begin to use your brain to envision a story while also using key parts to help guide that story and fill it in.

On top of that you must sit there and focus on a task, it begins to hone your focus. Focus is a vital took in creating wealth. The other is persistence.

In order to train your brain in being persistent you must retrain your habits and goals. If you cannot envision a future you want your brain will not continue to be persistent. Persistence is the combination of desire and focus, if you want something bad enough you’ll go out and get it. If you can focus on wanting it you will put aside any obstacles to continue your goal.

Why mindset is important

Imagine for a second you’re a day trader. You have $25,000 tied up in a trade you hope to go up. Soon after you begin to see losses and you almost have reached your max loss. You begin to fear losing money and watch it in hopes to lose less. You see it getting lower and lower and eventually pull your money out. Next morning it opens at what would have been a nice profit to you.

I’ve seen this happen to a few of my friends in this Corona Virus market. Stocks are super volatile and if your mindset is not strong you will get crushed in these hard times.

Another example.

A man runs his own business cleaning houses. He is nervous to approach people in person to sell his services and just uses social media. He is not the most savvy social media person and because of that his business is suffering.

He spoke to a friend who said he should take a sales course. He got offended and stated he owns a business he isn’t a sales person. His pride is causing his business to fail. His fears are stopping him from growing his business to its true potential.

If he trained his brain he would be able to see past his fears. He would realize that he is already in pain why stop now, why not approach those people, if they turn me down I am exactly where I was at. But if they say yes…

You need to switch your mindset to the gain, turn it green, see the money. You will never build wealth with a timid mindset one that walks all over you. You own your mind begin training it to work for you and not against you.

Creating Passive Income

Passive income is how the rich stay rich. By creating something that can work for you without requiring your time.

What is passive income? Passive income is an asset that generates income for you without you having to constantly work to earn. For example a job requires you to put in hours and those hours are translated into a wage per hour. If you make $15 an hour your max earnings per week is capped at $1680 and that means working every waking hour seven days a week. It is not possible.

A passive income stream would earn you income without you having to put in time to earn. Some may require a good amount of work to get started while others just require capital. Below we discuss how to get started and ways to grow you streams of income.

I suggest you keep your day job as the streams grow, don’t let the money go to your head. When I was younger I left a job because I began making as much from my passive income and self employment. I thought if I dedicated more time to it I could grow it, while this was true I didn’t take into account the future. After a few months the music lessons that became my bread and butter started to slow down, I forgot summer was a thing and kids didn’t have time for lessons. My income dropped drastically.

The good thing about it was it put my ass on a fire, requiring me to come up with more ways to earn but to save you I will explain how I and others earn passive income.

Start earning passive income

Passive income may seem impossible, how can I earn money without having to work? Well it really does require work, for example a book is a great source of passive income. A book requires you put in the initial time of writing and marketing it. Once you get the book published and ready for sale the rest is just making sales. If the topic is popular or has some demand you should see growth.

The idea is put time in now to earn money indefinitely for the future. Instead of converting hours into wage convert hours into assets that earn. These assets are the foundation of your passive income.

Good assets to earn passive income

My all time favorite asset is a business. Though this has a pay requirement or time requirement. If you can create a business that you don’t need to work you have an asset. If you are required to be there daily to keep it afloat you have a job. Remember that distinction. Many people claim to have businesses where they go in everyday at 9am and leave at 6pm. Those people may own the business but they have jobs.

One of my best learning experiences was when I worked for a small business where the owner would need to be there everyday or the business would fail. He lost time with his children and family. Eventually he closed the business because he couldn’t work so much, his passion project turned into a nightmare. He never had an exit strategy so he worked a job that he owned.

If you have the capital you can just buy an already established business, just make sure the owner is not present in day to day operations. For those that don’t have the capital a few ideas.

Drop-shipping is a great way to start a business. Find a product from a manufacturer that you think you can mark up and resell. The mark up is your profit and most drop-shipping sites just require you type in customers shipping information. Obviously if your shop grows to the point where you need to do it all day then hire someone and free up your time.

Reselling is the same strategy, find items at a discount and resell them for higher. I have a friend to makes a very good profit from reselling. He has two staff members, one girl who works fulfilling the orders and a guy who is very versed in finding items at a discount who collects a commission for items that sell. His structure allows him the freedom to pursue other projects while earning from his business.

Yes he began as a one man team, spending time looking for items, listing and fulfilling orders. He claims to have spent two years working to build his business to the point where it runs itself. The guy who picks items for him earns 15% commission on the profit, so he is motivated to find items that are way below market making money for both of them.

The key take away is build it yourself if you don’t have the money to buy one.

Another asset I love for passive income is information. If you have information to share people are willing to either spend their time or money on it. Articles, blogs, e-books, and real books are all good examples. Each can be leveraged off each other. Starting a blog may seem daunting or writing a book impossible but imagine this…

You start a blog about pets. You love animals and begin writing about pet care, diets, and training. The first month you spend writing a few articles a week, at the end of the first month you have 15 or so articles online. You can now take from what you already have and begin putting an e-book together. The work from one became the work for another.

If you really wanted to go all in make a youtube channel where your articles become videos, the scripts are already written! Set up links for your content so your viewers/readers can find all your content from a few clicks. You begin leveraging you already written content as much as you can. This also leads to the greatest passive income of all, a social following.

If you have constant viewers/readers to your sites you have money on the table. For example that same pet blog really blew up after the first year, your youtube is getting a couple thousand views a month. Why let those people go without extracting all you can from them? Check out affiliate links, they are amazing for earning passive income.

People want their products to be sold and you have an audience who listens to your recommendations. Find a few products in line with what your writing about and begin linking them into posts, or videos. For every sale of those items you collect a fee.

That last example is a powerful one, it can create a large passive income stream across many platforms while only requiring the work of one platform. It is a strong way to diversify your earnings while also freeing up your time.

Passive income with capital

If you have money just sitting in a savings account you can make that money work for you too. Best you earn in a savings may be 1.8% right now, or a CD at 2.5%. Take that money and invest it, find a place where your return is higher, there are many many options.

If you have capital 15k+ a dividend stock portfolio may be right for you. A dividend is a payment of the extra profit from a company paid to its’ shareholders. Research a few different dividend stocks and buy a few. Diversification is key. Some stocks out there have a 5% monthly dividend. You can either live off the dividend as some people do or reinvest it to grow your portfolio for the future.

Another great asset to buy if you have the capital is rental properties. Rents increase average 2% annually and renting is at an all time high right now in certain markets. You may be saying I don’t want to be a landlord and deal with that but you can always hire a property management company or manager to handle it for you, while you just collect monthly checks.

Remember that real estate has risks and is considered to be a non-liquid investment, meaning the money you put in is not easy to get out, compared to stocks. Always do your research on cashflow of a property and expenses. Don’t be afraid to ask sellers what they pay in taxes, utilities and other costs to maintain. These are key factors in your profitability.

When I was in real estate school they talked constantly about the 4>3>2>1 method. Which is for people looking to build a small portfolio leading to their one family house to live in. First buy a four family building, rent three apartments and live in one. Most of the time the rents will cover all expenses with no profit, allowing you to live for free while your tenants pay off your debts. Leverage the equity from that into a 3 family, move there and rent the last apartment. I think you see where I’m going, at the end you have 9 rented apartments which should all be cashflow positive allowing you to buy that dream house at no out of pocket cost to you, you leverage your equity from your portfolio.

Any passive income stream that you are thinking of buying requires due diligence. Many businesses are for sale with the guise of being profitable to only be lying to would be investors. DO YOUR HOMEWORK or you will lose your money. As always any questions leave them in a comments! I love to help educate people it’s why I started this blog. I don’t charge for simple questions and answers so get it while it’s free.

How to get out of debt quickly

I was sitting with about $10,000 of consumer debt spread across a few credit cards. I had a few rough years where my fixed expenses matched my income. I needed groceries, gas, and to be honest I was young I spent money I didn’t have.

I never missed a payment but I found for a three year span every payment I was making was offset by spending. I wasn’t making an impact after three years I was in the same spot. So how did I do it? How can you get out of debt? A few great steps are below.

Remember that this is just a suggestion and any services mentioned may not be right in certain situations. If you have any questions please comment, I will be more than happy to aid in achieving your goals, answering questions.

The book Richest Man in Babylon illustrates a great way to lower debt quickly. It describes a man from ancient Babylon who tells of him and his wife owing a large sum to one of the kings men. The man goes on to explain how they end up paying and borrowing more, making no progress toward eliminating the debt.

He is encouraged to do the following. Learn to live on 70% of his earnings, the son of the richest man in Babylon, Arkan, says “If thou cannot live upon seven tenths of thy earnings than you must learn to.” Arkan’s Son is trying to explain that the main problem is the spending. You must learn to control your spending.

How to control your spending

Spending is easy, just take a walk around your neighborhood. Every business is trying to entice you to spend your hard earned cash for their goods. Eventually you will be hungry and the taco restaurant smells great, your walk made you hungry. But don’t give in, try and remember that you are in the red, for what ever amount. Picture that amount, the large red number slowly growing interest and not moving because your spending you extra cash.

Try to find ways to slow down spending, pack lunches, no frivolous nights out, canceling subscriptions. I was also attending school at the time and a good portion of my debt was from text books and required online programs like MyMathLab. The Later being unavoidable, I have a trick for any college student.

A friend once taught me how to get any college text book for free. She is a wise saver building a large account with small earnings. It is because she lives like this, she doesn’t spend, even on items some deem necessary.

Before the semester started she would head to the library with the list of text books. She would ask the librarian to read them, as most schools will have one copy on hand. They don’t allow you to remove the book from the library. You could copy and print each page, eating away any free printings your school provides or pay for each one equally about the price of the used book anyway.

What you need to do is grab your phone, start a video and begin turning every page. Yes it takes quiet some time but the end result is a free text book, you can access anywhere. Simple open the video, find the pages you need and pause. You can zoom in and save a bunch of money over the long run.

I love this example because it teaches you to become creative. Being creative with your finances not only stop spending, they allow you to spot opportunities to earn, but thats another article. The next lesson from Arkan’s Son was to use two tenths of your earnings to pay your debts.

Every check take 7/10s and live on it, take 2/10s and pay down your debts. If you earn $2000 a month thats $400 dollars. Over one year thats $4800. This sum can quickly put a dent into any amount.

But first you must learn to live on that 7/10s.

What about the last tenths of my earnings?

Good question!

You should know what I’m going to say, if you read any of my other articles you will know already. At least I hope you do. Pay yourself! Just because you owe money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be growing you savings. A lot of financial advice out there says to pay down debt but let me tell you a story.

Why you must save money while paying down debt

I was working as a kitchen manager while I was paying down my large debt. I was making alright money and was living on 7/10s, paying off debt with 2/10s and saving 1/10. My roommate at the time would always tell me just use your savings to pay off a large chunk of that debt! I would tell him no I couldn’t.

That roommate and I moved in together because he hit hard times, I had too. We needed to spit the rent and him being a long time friend I figured we would make good roommates. No complaints on that he was a great roommate, but when he found a good job and realized he had a ton of extra money he wanted to move into his own place.

Here I was still in tough times but now losing my apartment, but the story gets better. The owner of the restaurant I managed called me one night. He sold the business to someone who wanted to change the whole thing, I was out. I had two weeks before I lost my job and four weeks before we needed to move out.

For anyone who has had an apartment, they know most landlords want you to prove income and showing a pay stub from 2 weeks ago is shady as you should be paid recently.

luckily for me I was able to claim unemployment and use my savings to prove I had money. I showed bank statements to back up the claim that I could pay the landlord. He was very under stable but asked for the whole rent upfront. Now Im not going to blow my savings on another mans mortgage so we negotiated to, security plus first and last month. If I had spent my savings on my debts I might have not been able to secure housing for myself and that is a scary thought.


Consolidate the debt

This tip needs some research. If you have one card with debt than don’t. If your debt is spread out between multiple cards than maybe consolidation is right for you. Consolidation is where a company, mostly a bank, will pay off your cards. They take on all the debt and than you pay them instead. This will lower the total amount of interest you end up paying.

Be aware, do the math, sometimes these consolidations have a crazy interest rate, and if you had just balanced transferred to a better card with a better rate you may have saved money. For example American Express is known to have balance transfers at 0% interest with a 5% fee for the first year.

Always do your research. I used balance transfers to avoid interest not consolidation. Like always if you have questions ask them in the comments.

I hope me sharing my experience can help you not only feel less alone, it’s easy to get into debt don’t feel bad about it. It’s harder to get out of it but lets do it together. A passion of mine is to help people financially. I do offer small business services for a fee, but for individuals I am willing to give free advice and consoling.

Do not be shy if you are struggling or need some advice financially leave a comment or send me a message. There is nothing I love more than more success stories to share with my readers.

Stay positive!

Making Money Without a Job

Earning money may seem impossible, you may only know how to work a job to earn money. There are countless ways to make some money without a 9-5 job read to learn how!

Most Americans only know how to work for money. Wake up go to a business and make someone else rich. While they spend majority of their lives working they have very little if anything to show for it.

How can one remove themselves from a 9-5 job without having to sacrifice their lifestyle? Super easy! We live in the Information Age! Information is money, use this to your advantage.

How to get started making money with no job

First you will need at least a computer and an internet connection, I am assuming since you are reading this you have the required materials. The first suggestion is the hardest but most rewarding in the end.

Buy an established business

If you have some extra capital lying around then put it to use. Buying an established business with a strong cash-flow can set you up to not work a day in your life. Good example are Spas, they make huge amounts of cash, most of them time being owner absent.

The reason why buying an established business is the easiest option is simple. You just need to capital, no time, no effort. You need to look for businesses that have an absent owner. If the owner works full-time you are not buying a business you are buying a job.
Remember that.

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Another option is to build a business. This takes both your time and your money, which is why buying an established one is usually a better option. Unless of course you want the thrill of building a business, plus business is fun!

Remember the goal is to remove yourself from the day to day operations so hire and train good staff to eventually become an absent owner.

Become a freelancer

In 2019 freelancing almost paid for my entire fixed expenses. Keep in mind I also have my business, all my side hustles, and a family at home. I still found the time to do some freelance writing on the side.

With any freelance gig I would suggest you do three things. First remember you are the boss, you may have to answer to clients but you are the end of the line in most transactions and if you don’t want to do it, don’t.

I’ve turned down countless jobs in the past year due to either to much time required or too little pay. Remember that your time is money. Anyone looking to get into freelancing should set a standard rate they will accept, you don’t need to advertise it, just know it in your head. If you get jobs that are below this set rate just move on.

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If you are really struggling to find work your price may be to high. Remember you are new and should take some crap work just to establish a portfolio of work. My second piece of advice for freelancers is to treat your clients like they all are going to return. Out of the majority of money from my freelance work, over 60% is from two clients where the other 40% is a large group of new clients I’m hoping to convert into exclusive clients.

Remember you are running a business so treat it as such.

Start an ad agency

It is so crazy looking back at my business education. My college was teaching us “marketing” using TV commercials and magazine ads. While I was learning these lessons companies were actually using avenues such as instagram and facebook to gain leads and convert sales. I came out of school knowing the old way and having to relearn the new.

Watch some videos, plenty of people are making huge amounts of money marketing online. The good being many small businesses in your area may not even be online yet, make a few business cards and create a small ad agency for your local area.

I will give you a story about how I got started in this field, you can follow my exact steps.

I began by making a couple business cards, I would get dresses very professional and begin to walk down my town center. I was avoiding the chain and big stores that already have marketing teams and budgets. Instead I was looking for small individual run businesses.

I would enter and show them my “testimonials” which were really just my own ads for my own businesses. So before I even made the cards I was buying ads and using those ads to just gain traffic on my sites and a few sales. I would use the data in my sales pitch because numbers speak louder than words.

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Remember I am a sales expert, I teach sales courses if you need help. This will require you to either knock on physical or internet doors.

Pricing is the tough part, try to remember you need to make profit and you also need to demonstrate the ability to take their money and turn it into profit for them. I have two pricing systems but I only talk about one if a sale is going south.

First I offer half upfront to cover expenses and then the other half after the contract expiration. I date my contracts for about a month or two. If they are giving me the run around I’ll offer this as a last resort.

Pay for the first ad, if you don’t like it I’ll void the contract. In this case you need to make ads that will have people state they saw your ad in the store. I like to use the line mention this ad for an addition discount. Then the business owner is flooded with customers referencing your work and the money will come.

If you have no experience with ads I would suggest starting small, watch some videos and learn from people who have done it. This may seem like a job but once you have one business on the line you can reuse the ads for that industry and just hyper target that one niche. For example my firm had success with a spa nearby, so now we have a few spa ads in the folders.

Instead of creating a new campaign for every business I just target spas in my area and show them the success. The momentum will continue and you don’t need any additional work, just reuse the ads from the last time. Remember to keep the vague a picture and a tag line to get clicks.

A friend of mine took this a step further. He hired someone on straight commission to sell ads. He just sits back and lets him sell and then when he gets a client he will make the campaign. The sales person doesn’t work the backend and can concentrate on getting new clients. He loses some profit but makes up for it with increased volume.

Learn to drop ship products for profit

This is a big one, probably over saturated, but still there are areas to make some money. Having a generic Shopify store can really help, don’t get caught in one niche. I like to change my store with the seasons. For example this Valentines day we were drop shipping a rose bear for $25.

During last Christmas we were selling “stocking stuffers”. Find a good product and the rest is easy. The really cool thing about this is you can leverage this to make even more money.

In order to have a successful drop shipping business you need to master marketing. I would suggest you start with this if you want to build an ad agency. Learn the ropes of social media marketing and convert some sales into your pocket.

Using the data and numbers from your business to leverage sales in your ad agency to explode growth. If sales are low it’s the product or your ad. Look at ads that make you click and model yours off theirs.

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Go to or any other Chinese manufacturing website and find a product you can ship to people for little cost and high margin. You will just be entering their shipping information into the website, no need for you to hold onto inventory. You can even ship after you get the money so the only costs associated are startup costs. Website cost and advertising cost.

These are only some ideas, there are countless other ways to make money without having to work your life away. Sales is a great example of a profession where you can make a lot of money with little time.

Don’t get me wrong there are sales jobs that will eat your time away, realtors and car sellers know what I’m talking about. I spent many years on the car lot for 12 hours hustling away for a few bucks. The money was good but the education I got was priceless.

The most important thing to earn money without working is knowing how to leverage your skills to bring value to those around you. People pay for added value, add some value to their lives.