Money Mindset

It is impossible to control anything if you do not have control over your own mind.

It is very easy to let your mind run wild, imagining fantasy scenarios with little chance of coming true. It is just as easy to let your mind control your thoughts with clouds of fear, focusing on those fears will cause them become a reality.

You need to train your mind like the muscle it is, read, do problem solving puzzles, and most of all use it. It takes no energy to watch something on TV but playing a board game with a friend can help build substantial problem solving skills.

The main reason why building your brain is important is because you can leverage it to create wealth. In many investing books controlling your mind and actions is a vital component to the education. First lets look at ways to control your mindset.

How to control your mind

Controlling your thoughts can be impossible but understanding how you think is a good first step. Meditation is a great way to really see into our own thought processes. When you sit for a while with nothing but passing thoughts you begin to see how your brain is wired.

Another great way to improve your self control is to change your habits. A habit is just an action we do so many times it becomes second nature. I like to start right at the beginning, the morning.

When you first wake up what do you do? Do you roll over grab your phone and scroll social media? While being a good way to keep up on things checking your phone is shown to depress mood and change the way we think. Why not instead jump out of bed and do a few stretches. Hell maybe hit the gym, or do a home workout.

Start with that first habit, get your day going. Once you complete a task the day gains some momentum. Have you ever felt behind on a day? It might be because you let the morning pass you by. Grab each day as if it were your last.

Another great way to change your mindset is it focus your thoughts. Did you ever think about something so much and eventually it happened? It’s not fate or a coincidence, the universe seems to give you what you think about. Make those thoughts positive, focus them on a specific goal and how you plan to achieve it.

The less you focus on the negative the less it will manifest into your life. Instead manifest your dreams and goals. Move forward.

One of my most favorite ways is to read. Reading helps train your brain while also teaching you patients. You begin to use your brain to envision a story while also using key parts to help guide that story and fill it in.

On top of that you must sit there and focus on a task, it begins to hone your focus. Focus is a vital took in creating wealth. The other is persistence.

In order to train your brain in being persistent you must retrain your habits and goals. If you cannot envision a future you want your brain will not continue to be persistent. Persistence is the combination of desire and focus, if you want something bad enough you’ll go out and get it. If you can focus on wanting it you will put aside any obstacles to continue your goal.

Why mindset is important

Imagine for a second you’re a day trader. You have $25,000 tied up in a trade you hope to go up. Soon after you begin to see losses and you almost have reached your max loss. You begin to fear losing money and watch it in hopes to lose less. You see it getting lower and lower and eventually pull your money out. Next morning it opens at what would have been a nice profit to you.

I’ve seen this happen to a few of my friends in this Corona Virus market. Stocks are super volatile and if your mindset is not strong you will get crushed in these hard times.

Another example.

A man runs his own business cleaning houses. He is nervous to approach people in person to sell his services and just uses social media. He is not the most savvy social media person and because of that his business is suffering.

He spoke to a friend who said he should take a sales course. He got offended and stated he owns a business he isn’t a sales person. His pride is causing his business to fail. His fears are stopping him from growing his business to its true potential.

If he trained his brain he would be able to see past his fears. He would realize that he is already in pain why stop now, why not approach those people, if they turn me down I am exactly where I was at. But if they say yes…

You need to switch your mindset to the gain, turn it green, see the money. You will never build wealth with a timid mindset one that walks all over you. You own your mind begin training it to work for you and not against you.

One thought on “Money Mindset

  1. Agree mindset is so important! Especially during this crazy market. Its also hard not to let it go the other way – pull cash out of safe funds to buy “on sale”. It’s best to stay the course because no one knows if it’ll go up or down any given day. Great Post!

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