What Makes an Entrepreneur?

What exactly makes an entrepreneur? Is it the ability to see deals or maybe it’s in the work ethic. We break it down into a few personality traits that one must have.

When looking at a large group of entrepreneurs there is a lot of overlap. Some wake up super early, three or four AM. Others like to sleep until after sunrise. A large amount spend a good portion of their time reading, while others have been on record stating they do not read. When you start to look deeper a few things begin to stand out.

What traits to entrepreneurs share?

Most entrepreneurs share a few key qualities, for example minimalism is a recurring trait. Many entrepreneurs live well within their means, Mark Zuckerberg claims to wear the same T-shirt and jeans everyday. He finds that the routine removes much stress around outfits and clothes. He is able to spend more of his time concentrating on Facebook, as well as removes large clothing bills flushed away on designer brands that will be out of style in months.

Photo by Super Kuncheek on Pexels.com

Kevin O’Leary, from Shark Tank, has stated he refuses to spend a large amount of “expensive coffee”. Entrepreneurs are very concerned with their finances. Another trait they share is determination.

Oprah Winfrey came from extreme struggle. For the sake of this article I will not describe in detail her background, it may be triggering to some. I would suggest you look into it on your own. She turned that struggle into one of the biggest brands in the world, affecting markets with only her words and recommendations.

Gary Vaynerchuk is another extremely determined entrepreneur. One glance at his social media will show you he has been grinding for decades, never giving up on his goal and eventually succeeding. He claims patience is the most important key to success.

Patience and determination are a great two starter traits. It would seem every entrepreneur seems to both have a strong determination, being able to create something out of nothing. Being able to, day in day out, give 120%. While also recognizing that their work won’t reach fruition for a while, they they are beginning their climb and not instantly at their peak.

Another trait most Entrepreneurs share being able to turn what most would consider a loss into a win. Take Steve Jobs for example. He was fired from Apple, the company he started, in 1985. He stated in the past that “I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” He didn’t even know it but his loss led to his greatest victory.

Do you ever feel like the tank is just empty? That you can’t get out of bed? Want to hit snooze? These things are all relieved by having a mission, entrepreneurs let failure fuel them, they run off it. The phase losers loss and winners win is almost always misunderstood. Losing is not permanent, it is the stepping stone to winning.

Photo by Maik Kleinert on Pexels.com

Losers loss, one loss destroys them. Winners lose and they turn that loss into a win. They cant accept losing they will only accept winning. Turn your mindset against you, instead of getting mad at everyone else and giving yourself forgiveness, forgive everyone else and hold yourself accountable.

Didn’t get that raise? Maybe your boss isn’t a dick maybe you were just like six times this month. Hold yourself accountable! These three qualities aren’t given out at birth, they come with work.

How to live like an entrepreneur

Well now we know the three main traits that most entrepreneurs share, Determination to get things done. A winners mindset allowing failure to fuel and not stop them. Lastly the patience to see it all through.

Lets start with Patients.

How can I become more patient

Patience takes time, it’s ironic it only takes patience to learn it. I would say its the only thing on this planet that is obtained through it’s own use. There are countless ways to practice patience, a few are meditation and mindfulness throughout the day.

Starting a meditation practice can seem daunting, it’s not. Start with five or ten minutes a day, set an alarm with a soothing ringer. Sit and try to just clear your mind, don’t worry distractions are part of the practice. Just breath and feel the breaths and try to stay open.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mindfulness throughout the day is easier. Just remember that you are trying to be more patient so when you feel the urge to rush or be inpatient actively relax and stick to your practice.

The beauty in this lesson is that by practicing it you obtain it, patience is a virtue and also a skill.

What is a winner’s mentality?

Winners don’t quit. You here it all the time, winners never give up. Why? Because they want to win. Winners don’t only want to win, they have to win, they must win. They hold themselves to a higher standard. Losing just doesn’t cut it, they don’t accept it. It may happen but thats not why we are here!

Winners take a loss and figure out the why. Maybe you slacked at the gym, maybe you were always late. They find out where their weakness was and they attack it. A winners mentality is just the will to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Once your standard for yourself raise you will see almost everything tag along on that raise as well.

How to be more determined

This one is the last one for sure. First become patient than work on your standards adopt a winners mentality. Once you master those determination is already there. Determination is just to see things through, to get up and get things done. If you are training to win you will hold yourself to your high standard and you will be determined to succeed.

I hope now you are beginning to see why we chose these three traits, they are all learnable and lead to extreme life changes, for the better.

Once you master these three traits more opportunities and wealth will flow your way. You become the master of your own world, for the man with no master allows anyone to become just that.

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