Making Money Without a Job

Earning money may seem impossible, you may only know how to work a job to earn money. There are countless ways to make some money without a 9-5 job read to learn how!

Most Americans only know how to work for money. Wake up go to a business and make someone else rich. While they spend majority of their lives working they have very little if anything to show for it.

How can one remove themselves from a 9-5 job without having to sacrifice their lifestyle? Super easy! We live in the Information Age! Information is money, use this to your advantage.

How to get started making money with no job

First you will need at least a computer and an internet connection, I am assuming since you are reading this you have the required materials. The first suggestion is the hardest but most rewarding in the end.

Buy an established business

If you have some extra capital lying around then put it to use. Buying an established business with a strong cash-flow can set you up to not work a day in your life. Good example are Spas, they make huge amounts of cash, most of them time being owner absent.

The reason why buying an established business is the easiest option is simple. You just need to capital, no time, no effort. You need to look for businesses that have an absent owner. If the owner works full-time you are not buying a business you are buying a job.
Remember that.

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Another option is to build a business. This takes both your time and your money, which is why buying an established one is usually a better option. Unless of course you want the thrill of building a business, plus business is fun!

Remember the goal is to remove yourself from the day to day operations so hire and train good staff to eventually become an absent owner.

Become a freelancer

In 2019 freelancing almost paid for my entire fixed expenses. Keep in mind I also have my business, all my side hustles, and a family at home. I still found the time to do some freelance writing on the side.

With any freelance gig I would suggest you do three things. First remember you are the boss, you may have to answer to clients but you are the end of the line in most transactions and if you don’t want to do it, don’t.

I’ve turned down countless jobs in the past year due to either to much time required or too little pay. Remember that your time is money. Anyone looking to get into freelancing should set a standard rate they will accept, you don’t need to advertise it, just know it in your head. If you get jobs that are below this set rate just move on.

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If you are really struggling to find work your price may be to high. Remember you are new and should take some crap work just to establish a portfolio of work. My second piece of advice for freelancers is to treat your clients like they all are going to return. Out of the majority of money from my freelance work, over 60% is from two clients where the other 40% is a large group of new clients I’m hoping to convert into exclusive clients.

Remember you are running a business so treat it as such.

Start an ad agency

It is so crazy looking back at my business education. My college was teaching us “marketing” using TV commercials and magazine ads. While I was learning these lessons companies were actually using avenues such as instagram and facebook to gain leads and convert sales. I came out of school knowing the old way and having to relearn the new.

Watch some videos, plenty of people are making huge amounts of money marketing online. The good being many small businesses in your area may not even be online yet, make a few business cards and create a small ad agency for your local area.

I will give you a story about how I got started in this field, you can follow my exact steps.

I began by making a couple business cards, I would get dresses very professional and begin to walk down my town center. I was avoiding the chain and big stores that already have marketing teams and budgets. Instead I was looking for small individual run businesses.

I would enter and show them my “testimonials” which were really just my own ads for my own businesses. So before I even made the cards I was buying ads and using those ads to just gain traffic on my sites and a few sales. I would use the data in my sales pitch because numbers speak louder than words.

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Remember I am a sales expert, I teach sales courses if you need help. This will require you to either knock on physical or internet doors.

Pricing is the tough part, try to remember you need to make profit and you also need to demonstrate the ability to take their money and turn it into profit for them. I have two pricing systems but I only talk about one if a sale is going south.

First I offer half upfront to cover expenses and then the other half after the contract expiration. I date my contracts for about a month or two. If they are giving me the run around I’ll offer this as a last resort.

Pay for the first ad, if you don’t like it I’ll void the contract. In this case you need to make ads that will have people state they saw your ad in the store. I like to use the line mention this ad for an addition discount. Then the business owner is flooded with customers referencing your work and the money will come.

If you have no experience with ads I would suggest starting small, watch some videos and learn from people who have done it. This may seem like a job but once you have one business on the line you can reuse the ads for that industry and just hyper target that one niche. For example my firm had success with a spa nearby, so now we have a few spa ads in the folders.

Instead of creating a new campaign for every business I just target spas in my area and show them the success. The momentum will continue and you don’t need any additional work, just reuse the ads from the last time. Remember to keep the vague a picture and a tag line to get clicks.

A friend of mine took this a step further. He hired someone on straight commission to sell ads. He just sits back and lets him sell and then when he gets a client he will make the campaign. The sales person doesn’t work the backend and can concentrate on getting new clients. He loses some profit but makes up for it with increased volume.

Learn to drop ship products for profit

This is a big one, probably over saturated, but still there are areas to make some money. Having a generic Shopify store can really help, don’t get caught in one niche. I like to change my store with the seasons. For example this Valentines day we were drop shipping a rose bear for $25.

During last Christmas we were selling “stocking stuffers”. Find a good product and the rest is easy. The really cool thing about this is you can leverage this to make even more money.

In order to have a successful drop shipping business you need to master marketing. I would suggest you start with this if you want to build an ad agency. Learn the ropes of social media marketing and convert some sales into your pocket.

Using the data and numbers from your business to leverage sales in your ad agency to explode growth. If sales are low it’s the product or your ad. Look at ads that make you click and model yours off theirs.

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Go to or any other Chinese manufacturing website and find a product you can ship to people for little cost and high margin. You will just be entering their shipping information into the website, no need for you to hold onto inventory. You can even ship after you get the money so the only costs associated are startup costs. Website cost and advertising cost.

These are only some ideas, there are countless other ways to make money without having to work your life away. Sales is a great example of a profession where you can make a lot of money with little time.

Don’t get me wrong there are sales jobs that will eat your time away, realtors and car sellers know what I’m talking about. I spent many years on the car lot for 12 hours hustling away for a few bucks. The money was good but the education I got was priceless.

The most important thing to earn money without working is knowing how to leverage your skills to bring value to those around you. People pay for added value, add some value to their lives.

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