How to make more money in 2020

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It seems that almost everyone is stuck deep in the rat race, living paycheck to paycheck and floating bills they deem “less important”. Not to long ago I also fit the above description. It takes only one thing to earn more money, the desire to, if you want it, it will come. Below I am going to share a few ways you can earn some extra cash in 2020, the rest is up to you.

Have a car? Put it to use!

If you own or lease a car you can earn some extra cash using apps such as DoorDash and Lyft. I would suggest you check your market first, as my direct market is a little slow but near my office it is crazy busy. A few hours of door dash a night can quickly earn you an average of $18 per hour! If delivery isn’t your speed you can also drive people around using lyft or uber. Getting started is easy and you should be able to drive within the week!

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If you want to make the most out of Lyft or door dash use these codes to get a sign-on bonus, up to $1500 in certain areas! Do not miss out on this opportunity to maximize your earnings.

Lyft – JOE45162

Doordash –

Driving is not your only option, you may be asking yourself, how can I earn more money without driving? Easy! One of my most successful avenues of extra income is from the election cycle.

Make Money off the Election

You can make a very quick profit from how polarizing the current election cycle is. Please be aware this is a time sensitive investment, you need to capitalize while the country is in the election cycle. After the 2020 election the profitability will drop greatly.

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During the last election I remember feeling like no matter what happens I am going to lose. So I began to figure out ways to win the election. I began selling merchandise that I would buy from sites like Aliexpress. T-shirts and bumperstickers and hats being the quickest to sell items.

This idea does require an initial investment, I would also suggest to drop your personal opinions of any candidates and sell merchandise from both sides to maximize profits. Just DO NOT DISPLAY THEM at the same time, it will backfire and alert people to your money grubbing ways. Also expect some altercations from rilled up individuals.

Find a Skill you can Charge for

If you do any of the following you can make some extra cash using already learned skills.

  • Cleaning Cars
  • Writing services
  • Notary
  • Good at Taxes?
  • IT Support
  • Consulting

If you are an expert at something people will pay for your expertise. Do a search in your area and see what people are charging for similar services and place a few ads out and see what bites. With this strategy you will need to watch what you spend on ads to be able to measure your ROI.

An example, I am a freelance writer not only writing for my personal blogs but for other peoples as well. Working on adding valuable skills to your repertoire can increase your earning potential.

Become a Freelancer

Did you ask yourself, how can I quit my day job? Well why not go into business for yourself. Becoming a freelancer is a great way to make a solid income while also working on your terms.

If you can write you can get started earning today! Check out websites such as Upwork is a great example as they have thousands of clients who return to use the service, which is repeat business for you!

Upwork has given me a book of clients who just need to upload a list of what they want from me and a timeline. The rest is up to me. It is a great way to free up your time, or supplement your existing income.

Work on your vision

Sight and vision are two different things. Your sight my be 20/20 but your vision could be lacking. Do you see opportunity when it strikes? Or do you realize days or even years later of that great deal you let slip?

Well by working on your personal opportunity spotting vision you can increase your earnings. All it takes is one great idea to have income for life but if you don’t work on your vision you will let them slip away.

Easy ways to work on your vision are to associate with successful people. Find a mentor who can help you recognize good and bad deals. Watch videos on financial literacy to better your understanding of money.

Last but not least remember that earning extra money doesn’t mean you get to spend more. You probably stumbled on this post because you’re not meeting your monthly expenses and need help to bridge the gap.

The best way to make more money is to cut down your expenses. If you spend all you make you will never make money, you will just be earning money. Remember that a portion of all you earn is yours to keep.

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